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Ruud van de Voort / Director

At the age of 16, Ruud was introduced to the medium of Radio in 1996. At that time he came into contact with local radiostation ‘Digitaal Hit FM’ located in Arendonk (Belgium). After walking behind the scenes for a while and immersing himself in the technology behind radio, he also got behind the microphone. Because of work it became increasingly difficult to combine radio, but the love for the medium has always remained.

After ‘Digitaal Hit FM’ ceased to exist, Ruud was certain that this was not the end of his radio career. For years, he has immersed himself in everything related to radio and in 2016 the plans to set up ‘Topradio’ were actually implemented. In the years that followed, he further raised ‘Topradio to what it is today. A full-fledged internet radio station with professional equipment.

And there are still plans to take Topradio to a higher level ……